CE Credits Online for Healthcare Professionals


As a healthcare professional, online certifications and continuing education (CE) allow you to develop your skills, advance your career, and improve your knowledge in your field. CE credits online for healthcare professionals cover a wide array of topics and situations that you’ll surely find useful on the job. With simulations and skills checks, you can leave the virtual classroom feeling confident in your new abilities.

SureFire CPR offers a variety of virtual courses to help you meet the requirements for CE credits online to better fit into your busy schedule. Discover our CE courses for medical professionals:


MAB Certification

Management of Assaultive Behavior is required for hospital personnel that work in the emergency department and psychiatric unit. Our MAB certification online course covers violence prevention skills that can help keep everyone safer, such as how to identify a potentially violent situation, de-escalation techniques, and more. Enroll now!


Hospital Fire Safety Online

With topics like patient rescue, fire extinguisher training, and more, our hospital fire safety online course will help you feel more prepared to take action in the event of a fire. As one of our CE credits online courses, this course can be taken completely virtually. It is a requirement for anyone who works in a hospital setting in the City of Los Angeles. Enroll now!


ECG Online Course

In our ECG online course, you’ll learn how to precisely read ECGs so that you don’t miss a single beat. Our in-depth training includes understanding basic heart rhythms, how heart impulses work with an ECG strip, and more. Enroll now!


BLS Online Course

Our comprehensive BLS online course addresses how to support breathing and circulation of unconscious patients. This training will prepare you to act fast and assist patients during emergency situations like choking, cardiac arrest, or sudden collapse. After completion of the online course and an in-person skills check, you’ll receive your BLS certification from the American Heart Association. Enroll now!


ACLS Online Course

Advanced cardiac life support is recommended for any healthcare or medical professional who might encounter cardiovascular emergencies. Our AHA ACLS online course can be taken virtually at your convenience, then a skills practice can be completed in-person in under an hour. You’ll receive training on topics like ecg interpretation, medication administration,  airway management, and more. Enroll now!


PALS Online Course

A certificate in pediatric advanced life support equips you to handle emergencies involving infants and children. Though simulations, our PALS online course teaches a systemic approach to pediatric assessment, vascular access, airway management, and more. After the online course, you can take a skills practice test at our facility to complete your American Heart Association certification. Enroll now!


Register for one of our online CE courses for medical professionals today!