MAB Online Certification Course
Management of Assaultive Behavior (MAB)

Our Management of Assaultive Behavior (MAB) course is designed to help health care professionals learn violence-prevention skills that can be implemented in a number of settings. Conducted entirely online, this course meets both the requirements for MAB AB-508 and SB 1299.

Management of Assaultive Behavior (MAB) Certification Online Course

The MAB course is required for all hospital personnel that work in the emergency department and psychiatric unit. This course is recommended for all hospital personnel as the majority of all assaults are in high traffic and inpatient floors. Nursing students are required to have this training prior to their clinical rotations at the hospital and paramedics and EMTs will be able to use the skills in this course to help predict violent behavior and defend themselves if necessary.

All employees will benefit from the course and it is mandated by OSHA that this training be performed annually.   Upon finishing the MAB course, enrollees will receive a certification of completion valid for one year.

What is MAB certification? Why should I get certified?

Healthcare professionals deal with high-stress situations involving tens to hundreds of different individuals every day. Without proper mitigation training, these situations can escalate to conflict. Sometimes, that conflict can turn violent. Short for Management of Assaultive Behavior, MAB certification courses give healthcare professionals the skills necessary to prevent and de-escalate assaultive, potentially violent situations.

Completing a MAB certification course is highly recommended for all healthcare professionals that deal with individuals that can become violent. It’s especially recommended for those who feel a need to improve their skills in negotiation and mediation.

What’s covered in the MAB Online Certification Course?

Like all accredited MAB certification courses, our MAB course here at SureFire CPR focuses almost exclusively on non-physical strategies for conflict intervention. These include strategies for identifying a potentially violent situation, as well as steps to take to keep situations from escalating. The course also covers a host of intervention and negotiation tactics for escalated conflicts, as well as what to do in the event of a violent emergency.

With the skills learned from our MAB certification online course, you will be better equipped to identify and prevent high-stress situations before they turn violent. You will also learn how to de-escalate situations that may be on the brink of turning violent. This, in turn, will allow you to be more effective at your role as a healthcare provider — all while keeping your facility (and those within it) safe.

How long is your MAB Online Certification Course?

Our MAB Online Certification Course takes up to 4 hours to complete.

What certification does your MAB Online Certification Course award?

Upon completing our MAB Online Certification Course, you will be awarded a certificate of completion and continuing education units. The certificate is valid for one year.

Can your MAB certification be renewed?

Yes—however, there is no Initial Provider or Renewal course. Our MAB certification course is designed to fulfill the legal requirements set forth by California state bills AB508 and SB1299. Those requirements can only be fulfilled (and renewed) by completing the course in full.

What is the difference between AB508 and SB1299?

California state bills AB508 and SB1299 are nearly identical. The main difference is that SB1299 covers several hospital-specific requirements not included in AB508. This content is covered in our MAB certification course here at SureFire CPR. 

How do I know which MAB certification course to take?

Broadly speaking, any course that meets the requirements listed on the AB508 California State Bill is an MAB course. However, not all courses go by this name. Some institutions have changed their course names for branding purposes. To be sure that you are enrolling in the right course, be sure to read the course description and check that it does meet the requirements listed on the AB508 California State Bill.

Why choose Surefire CPR for Management of Assaultive Behavior (MAB) Certification?

This is not your boring, cookie cutter online class. At SureFire CPR, we are committed to the highest standard of educational excellence across all of our accredited courses. Adhering to state and federal guidelines, we structure all courses to cover necessary materials — all while using examples pulled from the real-world work of highly-experienced instructors.

We know how valuable your time is, which is why we don’t waste a minute in our engaging and informative certification courses. Thousands of citizens and healthcare professionals have partnered with us for online and in-person certification. See the SureFire CPR difference for yourself by enrolling with us today.