Your Dentist and Staff Need To Be Prepared – Basic Life Support CPR!

 In Emergency Tips, First Aid

Thousands of dental emergencies happen each year, some of them life threatening. Dentists need to be prepared for any emergency that may occur in their office. If a patient is under anesthesia or is coming out of anesthesia they could present with a serious problem such as cardiac arrest. Your dentist office needs to be prepared!

Whether it is because of the anesthesia or an underlying medical problem such as heart disease or a heart defect, it is imperative that the dentist you visit, twice per year, is well equipped to handle any emergency. The entire staff should carry a CPR certification and have completed their BLS training.

Your dentist office must have life saving equipment readily available such as a defibrillator and they should always be monitoring patients during any procedure. The dentist should always take a patient’s thorough medical history, including allergies, to ensure that the process of having to administer anesthesia happens without complication.

The entire dental team should have an emergency plan of action. They should know exactly what their job is and how to effectively carry it out.

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