Yet Another Life-Saving Rescue Underscores the Importance of Onsite CPR Training

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Just do a simple news search on “CPR” and within a few seconds, you’ll see a story about a bystander, parent, or teacher who saved a life using CPR.  These types of stories are frequent and immensely powerful –  and very well-worth mentioning in this space every now and then.

Take a recent story of out Lowell, Michigan.  Less than two weeks ago, a man took a four-hour onsite CPR training course.  Then, a few days ago, his four-year old son fell off a floating tube and into a neighbor’s pool.

Even though his son had been underwater for approximately a minute, his body was lifeless when he was recovered from the pool.  His father immediately applied CPR and saved his son’s life.

This is a piece of good news, yet unfortunately and all too often, dozens of bystanders wait by powerless for emergency personnel to arrive, when every second counts.

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