Who Needs CPR Training?

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The first to come to mind are nurses, firefighters, police officers, lifeguards, and school teachers. But the simple answer is that everyone can benefit from  Onsite CPR Certification to be prepared for an emergency.


Most professions that deal with the public often require CPR training, or at least highly encourage it. Some positions that are sometimes overlooked include college resident assistants, boy and girl scout leaders, and educators of all types. Private businesses also encourage CPR training including banks, construction workers, waiters and waitresses, hotel staff, and manufacturing personnel. Any work environment where there is a risk of injury or a retail environment with interaction with the public at large can benefit from  Orange County CPR Classes.


But the reality of life is that you can never know when an emergency situation will arise and life-saving skills are necessary. The self-employed, who welcome customers into their home, should seriously consider an  Orange County CPR Certification if the case of an emergency were to occur. Protecting yourself from financial and moral liabilities is the responsible action to take, but knowing you have the skills necessary to save a life, if needed, is the greatest insurance policy of all.

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