When Duty Calls

 In Emergency Tips

Those that able to remain poised in emergency situations are able to do so because of knowledge and training. And nothing is more of an emergency than when saving a life is on the line. The goal of proper training is to remain competent and confident in extreme pressure situations, and Orange County CPR Classes provide you with the knowledge and tools that every emergency responder and citizen alike need to save lives.


A quality Onsite CPR Certification program should provide, at a minimum, these basic fundamentals:

  • Awareness of the situation and recognizing an emergency
  • The ability to obtain important information from a situation
  • Patient assessment techniques
  • Applications for patient treatment including choking, stroke, and heart attack – CPR techniques for adults, children and infants – and use of a defibrillator if necessary
  • The ability to communicate effectively with relevant emergency personnel


Whether you are a professional emergency responder or an everyday person ready to step up and get involved, having the proper knowledge and skills at your disposal is key to confident and efficient CPR administration. When duty calls, rise to the occasion with a first-class Los Angeles CPR training program.


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