Training Children in Compression-Only CPR

 In Classes, First Aid

Very often, we look at the need for onsite CPR training through the lens of adults.  Onsite classes are a must for businesses, schools, and any sort of organization for a host of obvious reasons.  Yet for equally obvious reasons, it’s also critical to teach children the basics of CPR.


After all, accidents happen in the unlikeliest of places, and often times, adults – much less medical professionals – are not nearby.  And with the American Heart Association and other health organizations promoting the easy-to-learn chest compression-only CPR approach, training children is a lot easier than you’d think.  Experts say that any child over the age of nine is physically able to perform this technique.


That said, there is nonetheless a time-tested set of instructions to convey to a child in the event of an emergency.  First, have the child call 911.  Second, if someone is downing, rather than jumping into the water, have the child throw a floatable device.  And third, if necessary, the child can perform compression-only CPR.

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