The Lifeguard’s Edge

 In Training

The sun. Perfect temperatures. The sand. The beach. Pools. In southern California, where the weather is wonderful a majority of the year and where many beautiful beaches are, a sought-after job is lifeguarding. Who wouldn’t want to spend their days in the sun, either looking out at the ocean or a refreshing pool?


One of the requirements for lifeguards in addition to many other tests, is that they are CPR certified. They must be able to know how to resuscitate a victim who has come close to drowning or been involved in a different kind of emergency. However, since so many people are competing for lifeguarding jobs in SoCal, taking a step beyond CPR classes could give you the edge to get that job you have been dreaming of.


ACLS, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, classes are offered in Orange County that can give lifeguards more preparation for an emergency on the job. ACLS classes will enhance CPR skills in the treatment of cardiac arrest or other cardiopulmonary emergencies. There are many kinds of emergencies that can happen on the beach or poolside, and the more prepared lifeguards can be to respond to these emergencies, the better for everyone. Plus, the one-day certifications make it faster to complete and get on your resume.


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