The Importance of Infant CPR

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Knowing CPR can aid in saving the life of anyone, no matter who they are. While it is not as easy as television shows and movies would have us all believe, it can mean the difference between complete recovery and severe, irreversible harm. CPR is not just for adults either. Pediatric advanced life support training and neonatal resuscitation programs are vital parts of any successful CPR instructional plan. While similar to adult CPR, working with infant bodies does require some particular considerations. Understanding the differences is extremely important.


The reasons for which infants and toddlers might require CPR include allergic responses to food or household chemicals, airway obstruction from swallowing toys or household items, or choking on food. Just as with adults, beginning CPR as rapidly as possible is very important to successful recovery. With children, it is especially important for circulation to begin again, so with the quick, effective application of CPR, there is a much better chance for children and infants to make a complete recovery.

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