The Importance of First Aid Training for Electric Power Workers

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Many jobs require first aid training for a whole host or reasons. Not surprisingly, many of these jobs are in medical or athletic fields – nursing and health care assistants, child care providers, and members of swimming or dive teams.

But there are a set of other jobs that, while not immediately evident, also require first aid and age-appropriate CRP training given the risks involved.

Take electric power generation, transmission, and distribution workers. This field is regarded as one of the more hazardous job types due to the risk of electric shock and falling. In fact, these two hazards account for a majority of accidental deaths in transmission and distribution work.

Victims may experience cardiac arrest, respiratory failure, or seizures. There are risks to the first-aid worker as well: in the event of electrical shock, the victim may still be in contact with the electrical source. Touching the current may pass through the victim to the reviver.

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