The American Heart Association Wants YOU!

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To get up and start walking!! That’s right, April 6 is the American Heart Association “National Start! Walking Day.”

More and more we are becoming a nation of sedentary adults and our children who are sitting around at younger ages are suffering greatly. This really is distressing news. But, it can be changed and it has to start with you. Get up, get moving, grab your kids and go!!

Just how is walking beneficial to your heart? Walking is a fantastic form of cardiovascular exercise and one of the easiest you can do to increase your physical activity. Physical activity increases your heart rate, which strengthens your heart. A strong heart is then better able to circulate oxygen rich blood and life giving nutrients to all organs of your body. Aerobic exercise also increases your lung’s ability to take in oxygen, which will lower your blood pressure and cholesterol.

Always check with your physician before starting any exercise routine but once you have been cleared, take some friends, co-workers or even your pet and go out for a walk!

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