Stopping Strokes and CPR

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Recently, the American Heart Association has initiated a program designed to empower the community to take action against the risk factors of stroke.  The goals are to educate, motivate and create change in public awareness and hopefully activate a change in lifestyles toward wellness preventing strokes.


Called “the Power to End Stroke Movement”, this program provides education about the risk factors leading to possible stroke.  Several promotional ideas are available to the public within the program inciting action to a healthier lifestyle.  One of these is an option to share information with friends and loved ones who may also be a candidate for stroke.  Sending an email, text or telephone message directly from the AHA website with a choice of messages that include a list of specific topics is one way to “stop strokes”.  Some of these topics listed include the following:

–          Recognize and respond

–          Know my family history

–          Help my community

–          Get fit

–          Be prepared for the future

–          Be compliant


In addition to the above topics, one could include becoming prepared for community emergencies.  Such preparation can be obtained by taking courses within the community that offer training in CPR and First Aid.  Knowing what to do when symptoms of stroke present is the first on the AHA’s list above (Recognize and Respond).  Reading the “how-to’s” of stroke recognition is not enough.  Having the skills necessary to respond appropriately, possibly saving a loved-one’s life and certainly acting FAST when stroke symptoms appear is optimal.  Training to do just that is fun and easily obtained through CPR courses provided on a local level.


Remember, we can all take steps to STOP the STROKE!  It’s the right thing to do.


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