Statistics on Bystander CPR; Shows Room for Improvement

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Recent statistics on the prevalence of CPR brings with it both good and unfortunate news.

The good news: thanks to the ubiquity and affordability of on-site CPR training, more and more people can perform the technique.

The unfortunate news: while more people can perform CPR, not all perform it properly. Research indicates that only approximately 50% of what’s deemed “bystander CPR” — CPR performed by a non-EMT individual – is performed correctly.

The data is murky in drawing a correlation between incorrect bystander CPR and negative consequences for the patient; it is perfectly feasible, for example, that some sort of CPR – whether technically correct or not – can buy enough time for emergency personnel to arrive.

Ultimately, however, it underscores the importance of getting CPR right. Our world-class Los Angeles CPR training and certification program is both effective and enjoyable for participants. Our team will conduct classes onsite, in the comfort of your business environment, or off-site at a site of your choosing.

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