Signs That Your Baby is Choking

 In Emergency Tips

Emergency medical personnel have pediatric advanced life support training and have often trained in pediatric emergency assessment, recognition, and stabilization. Most parents do not have the benefit of this type of training. For many new parents, figuring out how to care for their new family member is fraught with unknowns. One of the most common unknowns is how to recognize if your child is choking. Babies make lots of noise, and it is sometimes quite difficult to tell when a noise is a sign of an emergency. Here are a few ways to tell if your infant is choking. If you notice any of the following, especially while your child is eating, seek emergency medical help immediately.

1. Your infant coughs for longer than 30 seconds.

2. Your infant’s face gets darker or develops a blue tinge.

3. Your infant cries, but there is no sound.

4. Your infant begins flailing.

5. Your infant has to make an effort to breathe.

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