Save Young Lives With Pediatric Emergency Training

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Every parent and/or caregiver should know how to administer CPR. One of the most important parts of the process is understanding what to look for so you know when to administer CPR. When done correctly, CPR can save a child’s life by maintaining blood flow to the heart, brain and other important organs until life support can be given by health care providers.


Reading about CPR can give parents some background, including basics on how it is performed and when it should be done. However, that isn’t the same as attending class and getting certified. If CPR is needed, knowing the correct technique learned in a detailed course gives the victim the best chance of survival.


SureFire CPR serves Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Corona, Riverside, San Bernardino and the greater Southern California area. Pediatric Emergency Assessment and Recognition classes are available at our two Orange County Offices in Laguna Hills and Orange. We also visit companies and organizations to train onsite. Call 888-277-3143 to schedule attendance or book a visit.


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