Save Lives through Hands-Only CPR

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As everyone knows, CPR is an invaluable skill that saves thousands of lives annually. What people do not necessarily know is that this technique is not relegated solely to emergency personnel, doctors, or certain professionals like lifeguards.


By using a technique called “hands-only” CPR, anyone can pick up basic skills to save a life.


“Hands-only” CPR is an effective option for individuals who feel uncomfortable applying mouth-to-mouth rescue breaths, as required in traditional CPR.


“Hands-only” CPR, just as the name implies, requires no rescue breaths, but rather hard, fast chest compressions applied to the victim. This activity keeps blood and oxygen moving to the victim’s brain and can buy valuable time prior to emergency personnel arrival.


The technique, which can be taught within 22 minutes, is endorsed by the American Heart Association, and effective bystander CPR applied immediately after cardiac arrest can, according to experts, double or triple the chance of survival.

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