Save a Patient from a Heart Attack

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Some people work in medical facilities for years and never encounter a life or death situation. However, these situations can happen at any time. And if you’re not prepared, a patient can die.


Advanced cardiac life support training can provide the training and skills you need to address these types of situations. You don’t have to be an EMT or doctor to assist in medical emergencies. And if you’re the only person around when a patient experiences cardiac arrest, your sudden action can impact whether he recovers or dies.


Knowing how to respond in emergency cardiac situations can keep the patient alive until doctors respond or an ambulance arrives. Every second counts. The more attention a victim receives, the better.


Do you have the skills to save a life? Regardless of your role in a hospital or a medical facility, advanced cardiac life support training can prove beneficial. These classes are regularly conducted in Orange County. Sign up today and join an upcoming class, or contact us to discuss scheduling a group class at your home or office.


SureFire CPR believes in the importance of being prepared to handle various emergencies. For more information on ACLS certification, visit

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