Safety at School

 In Emergency Tips, First Aid

Wondering how you can keep your child’s school safer for him and his fellow students? If you’re not sure where to start, use the three tips below to get an idea of what to do. In addition to better preparing everyone should an emergency actually occur at school, they’ll give everyone peace of mind that they’re ready to handle the worst if need be.


1. Learn CPR: Make sure teachers are familiar with Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training and Pediatric Advanced Life Support so that they can handle life-threatening situations in case the nurse can’t get there fast enough. Implement a mandatory training program as part of your next teacher workshop day, and keep all staff up to date with refresher courses throughout the year.


2. Make Allergies Known: Being sure that children’s allergies (to food and otherwise) are taken seriously is a key way to avoid unnecessary accidents. Make a peanut-free table in the lunch room for kids who need it, and be sure the lunch monitors strictly enforce the restriction.


3. Keep Emergency Contact Information Up to Date: In this age of advanced technology, it’s easy to go beyond a hand-written emergency contact card for every student. In addition to paper files, make an effort to digitize all emergency contact info, and place it in a publicly available folder for all staff to access at the click of a button.

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