Red Cross Reaching Out

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The latest statistics show that only 3 percent of the population is trained in CPR. Sponsored by BlueCross and BlueShield, the American Red Cross is offering free hands-on CPR training to 1,000 people in Upstate New York in a new lifesaving technique called “Citizen CPR.” This course will take place the last week in September and will provide a short compression-only CPR course to those who want to help save lives, but lack the resources to do so or are uncomfortable with mouth-to-mouth.


Dr. Carl Devore, associate medical director for Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, is pleased to partner with the Red Cross in offering the course:

Citizen CPR is a practical, pragmatic way to help someone who is in cardiac arrest until more medical help arrives. We are encouraging people throughout the Rochester area to take this training and increase their awareness of this public health issue.


For ordinary citizens who want to help, joining your local Red Cross chapter gives you the opportunity to provide relief to your neighbors and people in need all around the world. Above and beyond the brief hands-on training of Citizen CPR, the robust lifesaving techniques acquired in Onsite CPR Certification will prepare you to respond extraordinarily in the face of emergencies.

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