Real Life Heroes of CPR – A Brother to the Rescue

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It was the middle of winter and a young man had just returned home for the evening with his girlfriend and mother to find his brother lying unconscious in respiratory distress.  Immediately, 9-1-1 was called and the brother was instructed to begin CPR.  Fortunately, this young man knew what to do and administered Basic Life Support (BLS) to his brother until paramedics arrived.  The happy ending to this story is that the brother survived and his rescuer sibling received a Certificate of Recognition for Extraordinary Personal Action.


Would you know what to do if this story were your own?  Being versed in the life saving skills that come from BLS training through an American Heart Association approved training program takes the fear out of these unexpected events.  Certification in CPR is available on a community basis and is something every person should consider.  Particularly so is the need for CPR certified caregivers (aka: babysitters).


With the increase in care given to children whose parents must work outside of the home, vital is the need for their caregivers to be prepared for the unexpected.  Taking that extra measure to ensure your child’s babysitter or caregiver is certified in CPR will save heartache down the road should your loved one fall victim to an event such as the one described above.


Basic Life Support and CPR training is available through Orange County, California CPR training centers, easily accessible by the community.  Classes are fun and build confidence that you or your loved one will receive appropriate life saving measures should an event, such as the one described above, occurs.  Have fun and take a CPR course this spring.  You’ll be glad you did!


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