Provide the Best Care with PALS and PEARS Training

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Saving the life of a child requires a special set of skills and a clear understanding of the ways in which a child’s body differs from that of an adult. Both the physics behind how a child’s body must be handled in an emergency situation, and the actual human interaction that must occur, are quite different when working with children. Being aware of these differences is crucial in the moments following an accident. It is why programs like Pediatric Advanced Life Support Training are incredibly important.


Whether the victim of an accident is a child or an adult, the first few moments following an incident are crucial and can mean the difference between successful recovery and permanent damage. For emergency personnel who may be required to work with injured or ill children, Pediatric Emergency Assessment, Recognition and Stabilization classes can better prepare you for effectively handling an injured child. The emergency needs of an adult and a child can be different, but emergency care personnel are the link between the two. Knowing how to provide the best care for both groups is absolutely vital.

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