Preparing Your Staff for Anything

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Everyone should have a basic familiarity with the techniques involved in effective CPR.   For many professions, CPR training is an important component of overall work preparedness.  Many people think of CPR as something that medical professionals and rescue staff must know, but teachers, camp counselors, film crewmembers, construction workers, and executives, among many other professionals, should know how to provide CPR.  CPR is meant to sustain a person before the medical crew arrives, so becoming certified in it should be a priority for at least some members of any staff.


There are a number of types of CPR.  The CPR training your staff undergoes should take into account the type of people who work in your offices and your regular clientele.  If you work with children primarily, consider having your staff take pediatric advanced life support training, or pediatric emergency assessment, recognition, and stabilization.  If you interact with adults primarily, then advanced cardiac life support training might be more useful.  Preparing for anything makes handling everything that comes your way, a great deal easier.

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