Preparing for Accidents at School

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When a parent sends their child to school they expect them to be taken care of and remain safe. They assume that all safeguards are in place and the staff is up to date with their first aid and CPR training.  While this is the case in every school across the nation, accidents do happen. Young children spend time on playground equipment and older children take physical education classes and participate in organized sports. It is very likely that a child will fall victim to some sort of injury doing these physical activities.

Inside the school accidents can happen as well. Older students take classes in science labs handling potentially dangerous equipment and children can slip and fall sustaining injuries from equipment in the classroom.

Most schools are very well prepared but accidents do happen and it is imperative that everyone involved has received their first aid training. Orange County First Aid Training are available to train not only in basic life support and CPR but with an understanding of what to do when faced with a medical emergency or other health concerns that happen on the school grounds.

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