Pediatric First Aid

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New parents have so much they need to think about when they take their new little bundle home from the hospital. One thing they should never have to worry about is what to do if their precious infant stopped breathing. Unfortunately for many this becomes a reality.

There are classes designed for so many things: Lamaze classes to prepare for childbirth, decorating classes to make a sweet baby nursery, breast feeding classes to ensure both a healthy baby and mom, but so few new parents take advantage of Orange County CPR Classes that could save their infant’s life.

Having to deal with choking or an obstructed airway, recognizing the signs and appearances of an infant who is not breathing and the precautions one must take in these situations are examples of the level of instruction, which will be given to those who attend BLS classes.

These classes not only benefit parents, but also grandparents, babysitters, teachers, childcare providers and anyone else who may be caring for your infant. After the class, everyone will feel better knowing they have been instructed by a professional about what to do when faced with this emergency.

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