Pediatric Advanced Life Support Training

 In Classes

If you work with children in a hospital or other medical setting, never discount the importance of pediatric advanced life support training. It’s common for medical personnel to receive adequate training in pediatric care. However, it’s also common for nurses and other healthcare providers to acquire additional training and education.


Several companies offer classes in pediatric advanced life support training, including SureFire CPR. But our classes are unique and like no other. Some facilities and companies that offer training in CPR conduct their classes on their site. But we recognize that you’re busy. And in an effort to appeal to our customers, we can hold CPR classes at your home or office – providing you have enough participants.


Individuals who enroll in our pediatric advanced life support training classes will learn how to properly treat children who suffer cardiac arrest, as well as learn strategies to reduce the risk of cardiac arrest in children. Contact us today to enroll in a class, or learn about our other training classes, such as our neonatal resuscitation program and our advanced cardiac life support training.

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