PALS Classes in Orange County – Making the Difference in An Emergency

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Orange County is the third most populated county in California. Over three million people live in the area, and the population has increased by almost one million people since the 90s. The county is booming. While a sizeable portion of the increase in population is due to adults moving into the county, an appreciable amount of the rise is due to births. With such a large number of babies being born in the area, it has become more important than ever for emergency medical staff to have pediatric advanced life support training, and an understanding of pediatric emergency assessment, recognition, and stabilization practices.


Orange County is spread out over approximately 950 square miles. Depending on where you live in the county, and which highways are nearest your home, getting to the nearest hospital is not always easy. In emergencies involving infants or children, emergency medical staff is the first line of defense, as there may be an extended period of time between an emergency situation and arrival at an actual medical facility. Consequently, appropriate pediatric emergency medical training can mean the difference between complete recovery and permanent damage.

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