PALS Classes in Orange County – Be Prepared for Anything

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The start of the school year is an exciting time for children, and while it is a bit of a relief for parents to have their children up and out the door, it can also be a little nerve-wracking. For nursing students and physicians, one of the best ways to help parents feel comfortable entrusting their kids to your care, is to be certified in emergency care for children.


If you are in southern California, participating in a pediatric advanced life support training program, or taking a PEARS class in Orange County (Pediatric Emergency Assessment, Recognition, and Safety), is a clear indication that you are serious about the safety of the children with whom you come in contact every day. Understanding how to care for your students in an emergency is not just about providing parents with peace of mind. The fact that you know what to do if a child is choking, experiencing an allergic reaction, or is severely injured on the playground, means that you can worry less about “what if,” and simply be prepared for anything.

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