Online CPR Class Refunds? Not likely…

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Recently, we looked at how some groups are offering online CPR courses and why these courses are a bad idea.  For starters, online courses do not offer the official American Heart Association CPR certification and book.  That alone should be a deal-breaker, as it will dramatically limit one’s job opportunities.


But in case you are still toying with the idea of going online for certification, we wanted to mention another critical drawback to this option: it’s near-impossible to get a refund.


Onsite CPR training classes offer full refunds if the individual’s CPR card is rejected by an employer. After all, it’s the right thing to do.  Yet in order to get a refund from an online CPR training site, the individual must spend $15 to mail the card back along with tracking information.


In fact, the online companies make it as difficult as possible to receive a refund.  Not surprisingly, many people just give up.  Need a CPR class in Orange County? Check out our classes page!


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