Moving into Wellness

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Not long ago, as the employee health nurse for a large metropolitan hospital, I was asked to create a wellness program that would support the hospital’s overall goal of improving health and a wellness approach to healthcare.  I was delighted at the opportunity and launched into collecting data and examples of successful programs utilized throughout the US to promote wellness in the workplace environment.


The focus on wellness, not just treating illness, made all the difference to me and I wanted to pass onto the hospital staff the importance of a proactive approach to overall health.  Decrease in job-related injuries, lower reported sick days and overall increases in job satisfaction was the outcome.  It worked!  Keeping the eye on wellness is the key and utilizing methods that support that goal is the process.


Among the standard suggestions for improving health (diet, exercise and follow up with an annual physical exam) were those whose focus has only come to the forefront of health advocates in the past decade.  Yoga, meditation and sleep have proven to be just as important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Feeling competent in emergencies has also been proven to reduce stress.

CPR certification classes or training in first aid can help with this as well.


Taking time to stretch, refocus your thoughts and clear your mind for even just minutes during the day while on the job improves concentration and productivity at work.  Many hospitals are providing yoga and meditation courses intermittently throughout a 24 hour period to support staff during shift work.  Open-door classes in yoga or meditation allow staff members to join the practice already in progress and/or leave early as dictated by their job requirements.


More about these methods for improving wellness is to follow throughout the week.  Keep an eye on the many opportunities offered in Orange County, California for classes to improve community awareness.


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