Mouth-To-Beak Resuscitation

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In a funny yet heart-warming story out of Bend, Or, a veterinarian saves a bald eagle’s life with CPR:

KTVZ-TV reports Jeff Cooney performed the therapy, during which the bald eagle nicknamed “Patriot” stopped breathing. Cooney’s “mouth to beak” resuscitation got the eagle breathing again.

The injured eagle was found by two La Pine women near Crane Prairie Reservoir in June. The eagle had suffered, among other injuries, a dislocated shoulder and paralyzed right leg.

While the likelihood of any of us with CPR training being in a position to save our national bird is insanely remote, the likelihood of being able to save a loved one is much greater. Over 70% of cardiac and breathing emergencies occur in the home with a family member present.


With  Onsite CPR Training, you will acquire hands-on CPR skills to be able to act when necessary to save a loved one. Statistics show that effective bystander CPR, if provided immediately after sudden cardiac arrest, can double or even triple the chance of survival.


Getting certified for CPR at an  Orange County First Aid Training facility can save a life of a family member or stranger, even a feathered one.

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