Making California Safer

 In Classes, Emergency Tips

If you say the word “California” to just about anyone around the world, they will describe images of the beach, beautiful people in swimwear, and sun for days. California is synonymous with sand, surf, and fun. Due to the state’s active beach culture, California is also a part of the world where knowing the basics of CPR can be incredibly important. In Orange County, which is famous for its tourist industry, the 40 miles of coastline have made advanced cardiac life support training a necessary part of many people’s employee training.


ACLS classes in Orange County are offered on a regular basis, and knowing the basics of life support can be helpful for anyone from nurses, ER techs, and MDs. You never know when it might be necessary to save a life, and having the knowledge to help an injured or unconscious person can mean the difference between their complete recovery and permanent injury. California is a beautiful state, and everyone should have the skills to make it as safe as it is attractive.

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