Make a Difference for a Family Member or a Stranger with ACLS or PALS Training

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Though doctors are not allowed to operate on family members, or loved ones, sometimes, desperate times call for desperate measures.  No matter who you are, it always better to be safe than sorry.  One of the easiest ways to insure the safety of your family is to know what to do in case of a medical emergency, whether you have a medical degree or not.


Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training and Pediatric Advanced Life Support Training can prepare you to provide emergency care for anyone with whom you come in contact.  With appropriate training, you can be instrumental in saving the life of a family member, or a stranger.  You will not be left to stand idly by and worry.  Instead, you can serve as a vital, and literal, lifeline.  Knowing how to care for someone appropriately in the event of an emergency carries a certain amount of responsibility.  However, it can also mean the difference between your spouse, child, or parent’s complete recovery, or a great deal of grief.  The time required for a course, and the responsibility, seem a small price to pay.

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