Increase a Newborn’s Chance of Success with PALS Classes or NRP

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Neonatal care, as its own branch of medicine, is only about 50 years old.  The first month of a baby’s life outside of the womb, is incredibly important to their overall health, both physically and psychologically, for the rest of their lives.  As it has become increasingly clear how vital it is provide the best care for newborn babies possible, more and more programs have been developed with the specific needs of a newborn in mind.


It is now possible for emergency medical staff and healthcare practitioners to take part in a neonatal resuscitation program, or to participate in Pediatric Advanced Life Support training.  Courses such as these, directly address the emergency medical needs of newborns, and the information taught in these programs can literally save a young life.  Neither medicine nor parenting, are exact sciences, but with the appropriate medical knowledge, there is a far greater chance for success.

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