How to Get Your PALS Certification ASAP

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Pediatric emergency health care is an exacting discipline, with rigorous protocols specific to the care of infants and children – the most vulnerable patients of all, especially in cases of sudden cardiac crises. Considering the delicateness of the challenge, when every second and every action matters, nothing is more important than being adequately prepared to deliver the best possible treatment in the event of an emergency that imperils the life of a child. For medical professionals charged with pediatric care, crisis training and certification are vital, and should be undertaken and renewed as often as possible.

What Is PALS?

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) is a training program created by the American Heart Association designed to prepare its students to deliver life-saving, on-the-spot care to children. Through an  instructor-led course, students learn to assess the case, provide basic life support, employ PALS-specific algorithms to direct care, resuscitate an ailing child, and manage team dynamics. The course emphasizes a hands-on approach to develop the required skills, including recreations of emergencies. Its guidelines are often updated to reflect current findings, with the most recent programpublished by expert consensus in 2010. Students who complete the course  become certified in delivering emergency care to children and infants.

 What Are the Requirements?

PALS is offered to healthcare professionals whose jobs may require them to provide emergency medical care to children or infants in need. For nurses, paramedics, doctors, and ICU specialists who are charged with responding to health crises, certification is mandatory – along with regular renewal to keep skills fresh and current. The course is designed for medical professionals  and depends upon an existing body of knowledge of ECG rhythms and pharmacology.

 How Do I Get Certified?

Students who qualify for the course must find a provider authorized by the AHA in their area. In Southern California, SureFire CPR offers a well-regarded PALS class taught by instructors currently operating in the emergency care field. Their real-life experience can be greatly beneficial to making sure you acquire the skills and knowledge you need, as well as answer any questions you may have to clarify the material. Completion of the course will entail comprehensive training in PALS protocols and will fulfill any employer mandates for both certification and re-certification. Courses are offered on a rolling basis in multiple locations across the state. Register at your convenience and you can become certified as soon as this week!




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