Heroic CPR Story Emerges from TransAsia Flight Disaster

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When TransAsia Flight GE235 crashed earlier last month in Taiwan, the horrifying images from the disaster were all over the news. The accident claimed 43 lives, with 15 lucky survivors.


One of the hopeful and inspiring stories that have emerged from the tragedy involves a father who saved his baby son with CPR.


The man, Lin Mingwei, was travelling with his wife and son when the plane plunged into the Keelung River. As fate would have it, Mr. Lin changed seats with his wife, Jiang Yuying, just before takeoff. His new seat had him positioned to the right side of the ATR-72 turboprop.


That move alone helped safe the family, because the plane’s left side took the brunt of the impact. And even though they survived, Mr. Lin was injured upon impact. His quick wits helped save his son.


Mr. Lin recounted his first thought when the plane crashed: “I cannot lose my son.” He immediately dove into the cold and murky river, searching for 3 minutes looking for his son. After what seemed like an eternity, Mr. Lin located him. His son had no heartbeat, so Mr. Lin immediately began CPR.


Despite no formal CPR training, Mr. Lin told his brother he just performed it “instinctively.” Whatever he did, it worked. His son is reportedly doing well, and Mr. Lin’s wife is being treated for multiple fractures. All 3 family members are expected to fully recover from their injuries.


The story of Mr. Lin and his family is one of the few positive “silver linings” to come out of the crash – all thanks to the hastily-conceived CPR efforts of a brave man.


Most CPR rescue efforts aren’t as dramatic as the GE325 crash. Often times, people suffer from cardiac arrest in public places or at home. Having proper training in emergency response can mean the difference between life and death. To ensure you’re ready in the event of an emergency, you’ll want to get the best training possible. SureFire CPR, SoCal’s leading training company, offers a wealth of basic and specialized CPR classes, including BLS (basic life support),  PALS (pediatric advanced life support) and NRP (neonate resuscitation program).


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