Heart Healthy Valentine

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Today is the day to take that next step to a healthier lifestyle.  Giving yourself that little added benefit which comes from anti-oxidant and Omega rich foods is like giving your heart a Valentine…and what a great month to start!


According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), dietary benefits included in high amounts of oats can actually help prevent heart disease.  Add in some blueberries and you’ve created an anti-oxidant rich super-breakfast your heart will thank you for.


Additional foods favorable to cardiac health include salmon, soy protein and spinach.  It’s true!  Popeye had it right all along and while bulging muscles and super-human strength are not on the list of benefits, eating a diet rich in these foods – including spinach – will definitely be a “heroic” step as you move toward the goal of overall wellness.


We would all do well to take a look at the Mediterranean diet as an example of heart-healthy eating.  Fresh raw foods mingled with lively spices all mixed together with olive oil and a robust glass of red wine is a recipe for a diet naturally supportive of good health.


Not to be overshadowed, the benefits of soy have been known for generations in Asian cultures.  Edamame, soy nuts, soy milk and ice cream, as well as tofu are some of the most common types of soy protein.


Including just a few of these food items can make all the difference to your heart.  With February as the “Heart Awareness Month”, keep in mind ways you can be kind to yourself.  A diet focused on heart-healthy foods, exercise, decreasing stress, increasing your knowledge of life-saving techniques through CPR training and eliminating self-destructive habits such as smoking, drug and alcohol abuse are all ways to give back to yourself and show your heart some support.

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