Heart Healthy Habits

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Sitting in a physician’s office receiving the same “lecture” on lowering cholesterol, increasing activity and (the worst of all) “knocking off just ten more pounds” is never a study in boosting one’s ego. In fact, for most of us who may be living a more sedentary lifestyle spent in front of a computer screen or TV, the dreaded annual exam can be downright scary!


Loving your body and caring for it with the same passion as you ingest that box of popcorn at the movies is something easily learned with just a change in outlook.


Valentine’s Day is coming up and expressions of love are on the minds of most. Why not give yourself a Valentine this year? Show yourself love by nurturing your heart with a few simple promises, small steps that show compassion to your body and strengthen your relationship with it.


Okay, that was a bit corny but its intent is sincere. Studies have been conducted and proof shows the importance of emotionally caring for your body, as well as physically caring for it. Practicing meditation to decrease stress, changing your evening walk to include hills, eliminating smoking and excessive alcohol use, modifying diet to include heart-loving Omegas and anti-oxidants are just a few things that can be done.


Medical professionals have created protocols to support and resuscitate the heart when it falls into distress or failure. ACLS and BLS training is given to healthcare workers for just this purpose. Supporting yourself through heart-healthy habits is your “protocol” for a healthier lifestyle and a very happy heart.

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