Head Pain, Strokes and ACLS

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Rain began to fall sometime last night, misty and barely noticeable until this morning when the ground was covered with the fine sheen of water.  For most, this would be a pleasant beginning to the day but for many – the rain brought miserable pain.


It’s true that a change in barometric pressure can create head pain for many susceptible to migraine headaches.  Treatment of these types of headaches should be handled appropriately under a physician’s care.  However, there are some forms of head pain that can mean serious medical conditions exist.


The new onset headache – different from any type of head pain experienced before and classically described as the “worst headache of my life” – is a red flag for something serious.  Typically this type of pain is found with stroke and ACT FAST should be implemented with the call to 9-1-1 immediately.  Time is of the essence with these types of head pain.  A rapid response allows medical professional teams, prepared in ACLS protocols, to implement lifesaving measures.


Be aware of the symptoms that present when pain rears its ugly head.  Recognize the type of pain, onset and associated symptoms with headaches.  Alerting pre-hospital personnel when the “worst headache ever” is present is vital.  Being prepared by knowledgeably addressing headaches with appropriate measures is a good step to take toward wellness.


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