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Group CPR Training – Get Certified at Your Workplace

Are you an employer searching for fast, easy, and effective CPR certification for your employees? Perhaps you work in an industry where CPR certifications are legally required for everyone on your payroll, or maybe you’re the proud owner of a company and you want everyone you work with to be as safe as possible. Whatever your reason, getting your team CPR-certified is an excellent investment. It’s also easier and more efficient than ever thanks to group CPR training programs here at SureFire CPR. With group CPR training, we come to your workplace and administer award-winning group CPR classes for your employees, helping to certify more people in less time. Learn more about the many advantages of group CPR training from our team at SureFire CPR, and get everyone in your company CPR-certified with us.

What sets our company apart from other CPR training centers is our firsthand experience. Our team of professional firefighters, paramedics, nurses, and emergency medical technicians respond to 911 emergencies on a daily basis and have all performed CPR in the field. Our skills are of the highest caliber because we have dedicated our lives to serving the public.

Why Get a CPR Certification?

A CPR certification is an indispensable tool in the professional world. In many professions, it is an absolute necessity. Medical professionals, childcare providers, law enforcement officials, lifeguards, firefighters, and personal trainers are just some of the many professionals whose jobs require CPR certification by law. Even in positions where having a CPR certification isn’t a required prerequisite, knowing how to perform CPR can be a literal lifesaver in the workplace. Accidents happen, and you want your team to be prepared when they do. In situations where CPR is required to preserve brain function, knowing how to properly perform CPR can prevent severe brain damage and even save a life. Seconds count. Get certified to ensure that you don’t waste them.

Make CPR Certification Convenient With Group CPR Classes

As an employer, you want to do everything you can to ensure the safety of your employees and the success of your organization. You likely recognize that CPR training is important, but you may be struggling with exactly how you’re going to get everyone certified efficiently and effectively. At SureFire CPR, we have your solution. We proudly offer onsite CPR training in the form of group CPR classes for organizations across Southern California. Our group CPR classes are a great way to ensure that your entire team learns how to perform CPR properly. They’re efficient and easy to schedule since everyone learns all at once rather than one-by-one at varying times. They’re extra convenient because they’re onsite. We come to you.

SureFire CPR Group CPR Classes: What You’ll Learn

Like our many life-saving and emergency-response courses here at SureFire CPR, our group CPR classes give students the knowledge and hands-on practice they need to implement vital skills in real-world situations. Group CPR training focuses on CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation): a procedure whereby chest compressions and artificial ventilation are used to temporarily preserve brain function during cardiac arrest. In our group CPR classes, your team will learn the following material and skills:

  • How to Administer Adult, Child, and Infant CPR: Our group CPR courses cover how to effectively administer CPR to people of all ages.
  • How to Use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and Special Considerations: Our CPR training also covers all-things AED-related, including how AEDs work, where they’re located, and how to use them during an emergency.
  • How to Assist Conscious and Unconscious Choking Victims: Choking emergencies can start in seconds. Our group CPR classes covers proper protocol for dealing with a choking emergency the moment it occurs.

Why Choose SureFire CPR for Onsite Group CPR Training?

When it comes to learning CPR, it’s important to choose the right educators. Improper advice and/or unfocused teaching can affect student performance, which can mean the difference between life and death down the road. Here at SureFire CPR, we understand just how important high-quality instruction is to the courses we teach. That’s why we’ve assembled our team with the nation’s finest instructors. When you take a class from us, you’ll be taught by seasoned first responders with years of experience in both the field and the classroom. Our effective teaching methods and unparalleled results have earned recognition and endorsement by the American Heart Association, as well as local NBC 4 and ABC 7 stations. We are also proud partners of the Children’s Hospital of Orange County, VA Healthcare, and Memorial Care Medical Group. Visit our About page for more information on our award-winning team at SureFire CPR. Also be sure to check out our Testimonials page and read what past organizations have said about our group CPR classes, online courses, and other certification programs.

Get Certified at Your Workplace: Enroll in Group CPR Classes With Our Team at SureFire CPR

CPR certification for your employees is vital, and getting it done doesn’t have to be a hassle. If you are ready for fast, easy, and effective CPR certification from the comfort of your own workplace, our group CPR training programs here at SureFire CPR are the perfect choice. Ready to book group CPR classes with us? Contact our team or use the form on this page to begin the scheduling process and have your questions answered. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know before booking onsite CPR training at your location. Also, be sure to explore our website to learn more about the many great certification courses we offer. Ensure that your employees stay safe and certified — book with our award-winning team here at SureFire CPR today!

Below you will find a few of our frequently asked questions regarding our group onsite training. Please call or email using the form above for exact pricing and dates/times available for your onsite class. If you are interested in a thorough explanation of how an onsite class can help your organization, view our Onsite CPR Training Guide.


Q: How many people are needed for SureFire CPR to train at my location?
A: The minimum amount for group training is 8 people. We do train below the minimum with a flat rate of the pricing for 8.

Q: What type of onsite classes does SureFire CPR offer, and how much are they?
A: We have a tier pricing system based on attendees; which means the more people you train, the bigger the discount!

Q: When can SureFire CPR train at my location?
A: We are open Monday through Saturday for onsite classes.

Q: I am part of a Non-Profit Organization, are there any discounts for us?
A: Yes! Please contact our coordinator to discuss special pricing.

Q: How old does my child need to be in order to be a part of an onsite class?
A: As long as the child can practice the skills, sit for the duration of the class, and complete the test alone, they are welcome!

Q: I have 16 or less people interested, but I don’t have a location to train. Are there any options for me?
A: Yes! Depending on our regularly scheduled classes in our Orange, Laguna Hills, Corona or Los Angeles offices, we can hold your class at our office for no extra charge!

Because every student has their own manikin and our instructors are very experienced, our training is much more effective and efficient than traditional CPR training.

We specialize in group onsite training for large groups and routinely teach classes of 50+ students. Some of our larger clients include: CHOC Hospital, West Coast University, and Costco.

We will also keep track of the certifications for your entire group, so that you will never have to worry about your renewal dates.