Get Your Office Emergency-Ready

 In Emergency Tips

Though you’re pretty sure there’s a fire detector somewhere and you think you heard something about an evacuation plan, you probably aren’t totally sure what would happen were there to be an emergency in your office. If you want to get a jump on safety, try the three tips below to be sure you’re prepared.


1. Offer CPR Training: Being sure everyone in your office is schooled in Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training and Pediatric Emergency Assessment and Recognition can go a long way towards helping you to be set in a worst case scenario. Additionally, employees will take the knowledge home with them, helping to make the world a safer place outside of the office.


2. Have a phone tree: If there’s an emergency event at the office that needs to be communicated to employees at home, it’s a smart idea to have a phone tree in place so everyone stays in the know. Having a phone tree also offers a great backup, should the email server ever go down.


3. Do Fire Drills: Fire drills ensure that everyone knows where to be in the event of an actual emergency, and can help keep you all calm, cool and collected, should something occur. In addition, fire drills make it easier for everybody to stay calm and feel prepared, even if an emergency never arises.


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