Gaining a Better Understanding of Fear – BLS and First Aid

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I know numerous people who have told me they tend to shy away from taking classes due to an overwhelming feeling of text anxiety.  Even when a course is beneficial, fun and enlightening, that last requirement of taking “the test” sends very intelligent and capable people running the other direction.  So how does that happen?


Fear of failure often times dominates our abilities to move ahead with new challenges and opportunities.  Fortunately, most of these fears are completely unfounded.  The physiologic response that accompanies fear is very real though the threat remains solely perceived.  “Panic attack”, as the associated physical response to fear is often referred to, may feel life threatening but often is harmless. Knowing this can many times alleviate the crippling effects of fear and allow one to move beyond it.


Learning what to do to in an emergency provides basic skill and knowledge invaluable to individuals and communities as a whole.  Taking courses to obtain BLS (Basic Life Support) and First Aid skills is highly recommended to prepare individuals for that emergent situation, the terrifying event in which everyone would like to say, “I know what to do!”


Granted, there is testing at the conclusion of these courses but the interactive, fun manner in which the instructors provide content and allow the learner to practice their skills prior to testing eliminates the need for fear of failure.  Take the time to learn BLS and basic First Aid.  Become prepared and eliminate the fear associated with an unexpected emergency.  You’ll be glad you did!


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