Free Hands-Only CPR Classes at the Orange County Health and Wellness Fair

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SureFire CPR, the leading provider of CPR training in Orange County, hosted free Hands-Only CPR classes at the Orange County Health and Wellness Fair on Saturday August 23, 2014 from 9am to 3:30pm. The life-saving CPR classes were offered every hour on the stage throughout the day.

Hands-Only CPR provides potentially lifesaving techniques needed to respond in emergency situations; however, there is no mouth-to-mouth contact. As more than a quarter of a million Americans face situations each year where CPR is needed, the class will allow you to properly respond during events of cardiac arrest, drowning, and respiratory distress. Although rescue breaths aren’t used with Hands-Only CPR, the chance of survival for the patient is drastically increased due to the use of chest compressions.

As SureFire CPR offers numerous CPR training classes that meet the American Heart Association’s Guidelines, we proudly volunteer our knowledge and experience to help the American Red Cross reach their goal of educating 5 million people about Hands-Only CPR.

Every hour on August 23, 2014, SureFire CPR volunteered our services to properly train fair attendees of the proper methods to use during the event of an emergency. By completing a short Hands-Only CPR class, you’ll be able to more than double a person’s chance for survival during an emergency.

You can join SureFire CPR and the American Red Cross’s movement to help save lives with CPR by signing up for CPR certification courses and others from our CPR Classes page.

SureFire CPR is an industry leader in professional CPR and First Aid courses in Southern California. Lead by certified and experienced professionals, SureFire CPR strives to help customers achieve a number of CPR certifications, including CPR, BLS, ACLS, PALS, and NRP. SureFire uses real-life knowledge and hands-on training to meet the American Heart Association’s Guidelines for CPR certifications. It is their passion and commitment to provide the skills and training needed to save lives.

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