Fighting the Flu Bug!

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‘Tis the season – the flu season – and evidence can be seen lately that the “flu bug” is working the populace.  As if to match the drop in temperatures, an increase in seasonal illnesses flood communities turning productive hours into time spent nurturing the cough, chills and sniffles common to this time of year.


Much can be done to stave off the attack of the seasonal flu virus and countless articles written supporting those measures.  Reiterating these oh-so-familiar tactics may seem redundant.  Still, a reminder to arm oneself with the most powerful tool available to combat the threatening flu virus may be all that is needed to incentivize most of us to act.  So here it is again – the reminder to step up the game and utilize powerful tools known to really be effective.  The most simple being – wash your hands.


Hand sanitizers have been shown to be effective in killing most “germs” and use of a quality hand sanitizer is always preferable to doing nothing.  However, studies have shown that for the general public, and particularly during the flu season, hand washing is the most effective means of preventing the spread of infection.  Conscious and consistent hand washing is also the most effective means of preventing yourself from contracting flu viruses.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “…the simple activity of frequent handwashing has the potential to save lives.”  (CDC website).


Taking that very easy step to wash your hands frequently may just save you from the hassles of the seasonal flu.  Making time to learn more about what you can do, including taking ACLS Classes in Orange County, learning basic first aid and other skills is considered a responsible step.   Fighting the flu bug is a team effort!


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