Eat Right and Excersise

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If heart disease runs in your family, you need to start educating your children from a very young age about the value in eating the right foods and the importance of exercise. Atherosclerosis, the fatty material that builds up over time to clog arteries, can begin in childhood.


It is hard not to fall into the fast food trap. Families are busier than ever. Kids are doing more, both parents are working and sometimes it is just easier to swing into the nearest fast food chain for a quickie dinner. What parents need to keep in mind is that these unhealthy dinners set the stage for their child’s eating habits. Keeping our kids active is a great first step. But, teaching them what could happen inside their bodies is also another great piece of advice. It shouldn’t be a mystery. They should be able to take responsibility for what they eat and feel good when they eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains.


A well-balanced diet doesn’t have to taste terrible. Involve young children in the menu planning for the week. Take them shopping, and allow them to help prepare the meals. Getting out and exercising together as a family is also going to help set the stage for a healthy lifestyle; when children see mom and dad moving it, they will want to move, also.


For families with heart disease, staying healthy and fit is a must. The entire family should also take an Orange County CPR Training course to further educate children on how they can do everything they can to stay safe.

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