Despite the Convenience of Online CPR Training Courses, Nothing Beats On-Site CPR Instruction

 In Classes

For businesses looking to offer CPR and First Aid training to their employees, they have many options to choose from.

One option is for employees to take online courses. For a busy individual, they can take the course at their earliest convenience and in the comfort of their homes.

That said, experts recommend in-person CPR and First Aid training with a certified expert. The reasons are obvious. First, employees get a first-hand look at techniques in a way that cannot be adequately captured on a computer screen.

In addition, real, live experts are adept at providing constructive and immediate feedback. If an employee has yet to master a specific technique, the instruction can provide guidance in real-time. This hands-on practice is simply invaluable.

Fortunately, most CPR and Los Angela’s First Aid training providers offer on-site instruction. So block off an hour or two around lunchtime, invite your employees, and make a date of it.

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