Despite Advances in Technology, On-Site CPR Training is Still a Must

 In Classes, First Aid

Recently we looked at how the American Heart Association is now advocating “hands-only” CPR in an effort to reach more individuals who normally would balk at mouth-to-mouth techniques.


This development underscores a larger, more promising trend: the proliferation of new CPR techniques and devices that will most certainly save more lives than ever before.


Take, for example, the Thumper.  It’s a device used by emergency responders that performs CPR while simultaneously breathes for the victim.  By doing so, it enables responders to engage in other life-saving activities.  This device recently saved the life of a 56-year old who had no heartbeat for 16 minutes.


The devices cost approximately $12,000 each and are slowly being introduced to emergency crews all across the country.


Of course, a majority of schools, places of employments, and other public places still lack such devices, further accentuating the importance of good, old-fashioned onsite CPR certification.

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