Debating the Role of Mandatory CPR Classes for High School Students

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We all know that cardiac arrest can happen at any time, only underscoring the importance of CPR training for the general public.

This is why many companies offer onsite CPR training for their employees – you never know when you’ll need it.

It is also why a debate has surfaced over CPR training in high schools. Specifically, people are arguing that CPR training should be a mandatory graduation requirement for high school students.

It is an idea that is being debated in the state of New York, where legislation to that effect is pending.

The concept clearly has benefits and drawbacks. Naturally, more people – students included – well-versed in CPR can save lives. On the other hand, high schools already offer CPR classes on a voluntary basis. Detractors argue that making over-stressed high school students take another course may backfire.

Ultimately, however, the consensus is that more people – high school or otherwise – who can effectively perform CPR is a good thing.

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