CPR Training is Crucial to Any Outdoor Enthusiast

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While many accidents happen inside the home there are those that happen outside. If you are an active individual who has a passion for hiking, mountain climbing, biking, canoeing, etc., being prepared for the outside means knowing what to do in a life threatening accident. How confident are you of your abilities to assess an individual? Wilderness training and remote CPR training teaches both primary and secondary assessments of yourself and your companions.

The purpose of a primary assessment is to preserve the life of the victim, taking action where needed. Once the victim’s life-threatening conditions have been addressed, the rescuer must begin the secondary assessment – monitoring his condition, gathering information and finding other conditions that require treatment.” http://www.scribd.com/doc/22039038/Primary-Secondary-Assessment

A few of the topics covered include: head, neck and spinal injuries, hypothermia, altitude-related illnesses, wounds and wound infection, to name a few.

These skills cannot be stressed enough when you are facing a life and death situation.  You may have remembered to bring along the proper safety gear (bottled water, first aid kit, cell phone, bug spray, life jacket), but do you know what to do when real disaster strikes? If you are an active person and take to the wilderness any chance you can, finding  Los Angeles CPR Training that offers CPR certification in wilderness training is another important tool you can take along with you as you head out to enjoy the outdoors!

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