CPR Certification for Healthcare Providers, CPR Classes for Healthcare Provider

Healthcare providers should have a firm grasp of fundamental CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) concepts. With CPR training for healthcare providers, SureFire CPR is the best place to receive quality, comprehensive instruction. CPR certification for healthcare providers is a great way to expand your knowledge and, more importantly, save lives. CPR classes for your healthcare provider are crucial for establishing an emergency response plan.

CPR Training for Healthcare Providers

CPR Training for Healthcare Providers

SureFire CPR has an experienced, professional team of instructors for any healthcare provider CPR training course. Our Southern California location makes SureFire CPR an ideal CPR training source for healthcare providers throughout Orange County, Riverside County and the greater Los Angeles area.

As any healthcare professional knows, CPR training for providers and others is a critical tool for saving lives. And CPR training for healthcare providers goes beyond the workplace. Consider these statistics (source, American Heart Association, “CPR Fact Sheet”):

  • Almost 383,000 out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrests occur every year.
  • Nearly 90% of cardiac arrests occur at home.
  • Many victims appear healthy and exhibit no known heart disease or other risk factors.
  • A heart attack is not the same as sudden cardiac arrest (sudden cardiac arrest occurs when electrical impulses in the heart become rapid or chaotic, while a heart attack is caused by a blocked supply of blood to the heart. A heart attack may cause cardiac arrest.

With CPR training for healthcare providers, SureFire can initialize or update any CPR certification. Healthcare providers require CPR certification for a wide range of potential emergencies.

If you’re interested in acquiring CPR classes for a healthcare provider, contact SureFire CPR. Our reputation is well-established in Southern California and beyond.

How can you benefit from CPR training for a healthcare provider? SureFire offers the following features:

  • Training anywhere. CPR training for a healthcare provider can occur at any of our 3 offices (Orange, Laguna Hills or Corona), or we can conduct healthcare provider CPR classes at your facility.
  • Experience. SureFire’s healthcare provider CPR classes are conducted by firefighters, paramedics, lifeguards and EMTs. Plus, our healthcare provider CPR training courses will feature real-life situations to optimize emergency response efficiency.
  • Price. SureFire CPR certification for healthcare providers is affordable and flexible enough to fit any budget. Please call us at 888-277-3143 to schedule CPR training for healthcare providers. Or, you can contact us via email at info@surefirecpr.com. We can address any concerns or questions.