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CPR Renewal

True emergencies are rarely expected – in fact, they raise their threatening heads at the most inopportune times.  During these stressful moments, there is little time to stop and analyze the “next step” to be taken.  Fortunately, there is CPR renewal training available that can help anyone to be the “expert,” prepared and able to function at a higher level of experience.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is the first step of the life saving responsibilities faced by all health care providers.  Finding yourself face to face with the cardiac arrest victim requires quick thinking and swift action.  As a result, it becomes imperative that everyone involved has skills that are top notch.  No matter your role in the life saving chain of survival: passerby, responding Paramedic, Emergency Medical technician or perhaps the hospital emergency department staff, there is no greater responsibility than the obligation to be an expert in CPR.

CPR Renewal

CPR Renewal Classes

Located within the Orange County area and the Inland Empire, SureFire CPR can help you to become proficient in the essential skills of CPR through their CPR renewal and CPR recertification classes.  Among the extensive class programs, their available training includes both initial CPR training as well as CPR renewal courses for those clinicians already certified in this skill.

Every day in the Orange County area, someone may unexpectedly need the lifesaving intervention of CPR.  Perhaps it is within the guidelines of your profession to provide this care – as a fire fighter, a Registered Nurse, an Emergency Medical Technician or perhaps even as a school teacher.  SureFire CPR offers the essential training for all healthcare professionals seeking authorized recertification courses.  CPR recertification is typically required by most employers of health care professionals.  Day care providers have joined the ranks of responsible service providers and have recently established requirements for their employees to be CPR certified.  CPR certification renewal with SureFire is an efficient, effective way for these employees to receive and maintain these life-saving skills.  In addition, demonstration of the responsible approach to any job position by providing completed certification in CPR allows greater potential for employment, as well as being a valuable skill to list on a resume.  Coincidentally, having a CPR certification as part of the skill set brought to any job is an attribute that sets the employee apart as a community-minded individual with thought given to the overall welfare of their society as a whole.

Where Should You Look To Find A CPR Renewal Class?

CPR renewal is an important beginning element of the life saving skills offered through SureFire CPR.  They offer the most up to date American Heart Association approved CPR renewal courses.  CPR certification re-affirms the necessary skill and knowledge needed to stay proficient in this critical competency.  The American Heart Association regularly evaluates the science incorporated into the practice of CPR and updates the CPR standards as required.  SureFire CPR’s renewal classes adhere to all American Heart Association guidelines.

Taking the initiative to increase a skill set that may never be utilized (but essential should that emergent moment arise) is the right thing to do.  Getting recertified in CPR through SureFire CPR is the correct next step to make.